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In the Fortress, an underground society unmarred by the Government’s clutches, there is a rule that looms over everyone’s heads like a dark cloud:  join or die. There is no inbetween. When Rosabella Porter and Aire Gil discover the underground society, the two women make the most logical decision to stay alive. They join. 

Rosabella doesn’t expect to fall in love. The freedom and independence the Fortress provides  are like a dream she can’t wrap her head completely around. Although one man, Clayton Taylor, the ignorant, conceited man she simply can’t stand, has no problem snapping her out of her dream-like state. He and Rosabella don’t always see eye to eye; what right does he have to treat others with such disrespect? And worst of all, how could Aire Gil, her best friend, like him? Their thoughtful leader, Bernard, does his best to keep the peace, but when relationships crumble and the pressures of the outside world come rushing in, will he be able to maintain order within the society he helped to build and swore to protect?

BENEATH: A Secret Society

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